#1 Becoming a Lifelong Learner

The tools and resources our students have at their disposal has created a need for a new set of skills. In today’s society, it's imperative for our students to become passionate lifelong learners who have the ability to problem solve and manage an unknown future. Take a journey with Travis Allen to see what it takes to be a lifelong learner, and explore the power of student voice.

#2 Are kids losing their ability to problem solve?

We have to ask questions in todays classroom that can’t be googled. Why? Because any question that can, requires no critical thinking or problem solving skills to solve. Join Travis Allen as he paints a vision for what learning could look like when students are challenged to find their own problems to solve and take ownership of their learning.



Keynote Clips

ISTE Interview on Empowering Students

South Korean Documentary by KBS

Keynotes for middle school students in Clark County, NV

News Clip - Barcelona, Spain